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Emotion Release

What is Essential Oil Emotion Release ?
A powerful technique for the instant release of a negative emotion using the power of plant medicine, visualisation and ...

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Symphony of The Soul

What is Symphony of The Soul ?
A soul soothing experience that harmonises physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through the use of therapeutic-grade essential ...

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Relaxation Therapy

What is Relaxation Therapy ?
Relaxation is a state of being when you are free from tension and anxiety and in a state of peace. It's nature's way of counteracting ...

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Angelic Reiki

What is Angelic Reiki?
Reiki is a form of alternative medicine and a Japanese style of energy healing that works with the energy fields around the body to promote ...

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Belief CodingĀ®

What is Belief Coding®?
Belief Coding® is a revolutionary science-backed healing modality that taps into the subconscious mind, to understand where certain ...

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Crystal Therapy

What is Crystal Therapy ?
For thousands of years, ancient civilisations have utilised the power of crystals for healing as they have an amazing ability to absorb, ...

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Essential Oils & Well-being

What are essential oils ?
The life changing power of plant medicine – We are on the cusp of something transformational when it comes to the healing power of essential ...

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Essential Oils and Hormones

Hormone Balance
Research has shown that certain essential oils can mimic or oppose oestrogen and testosterone and therefore have the potential to balance hormones ...

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Get a better night's sleep

Do you struggle to get to sleep ? Do you wake in the middle of the night and then can't drift back off ? Do you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted ? Don't ...

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