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Crystal Therapy

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Crystal Therapy

What is Crystal Therapy ?
For thousands of years, ancient civilisations have utilised the power of crystals for healing as they have an amazing ability to absorb, direct, detoxify, shift and diffuse energy.

Crystals are found at the very centre of the earth's crust and are made up of atoms of living energy that vibrate at a very high level. Crystal healing is a non-invasive, holistic therapy where crystals are used to raise the vibration of the body's natural energy field, to harmonise the mind, body and spirit.

According to Albert Einstein and confirmed by physics, everything is ENERGY. Understanding that we, as human beings, are basically atoms of vibrating energy, helps us to understand the principle behind crystal therapy.

As energy, we vibrate on constantly changing frequencies in response to day-to-day life and surrounding energies. Over time, blockages can occur in the body's flow of energy through the meridians or energy centres (chakras) brought on by stress, repetitive negative thought patterns, programming, and suppressed emotions.

Unlike humans, crystals have a stable high vibrational energy that doesn't change. This means that when our bodies/energy, come into contact with crystals, the positive effects can be astounding. Crystals can help to raise our vibration, release blockages and negativity, balance our emotions, relax us, and bring us into the natural state of flow.

Crystal healing is an extremely relaxing therapy that works by restoring balance and natural rhythm within the body. It helps clients to calm the mind, heal the heart, soothe the soul, release emotions, connect with their highest self and to feel grounded and secure.

As a crystal healing therapist, in my sessions, I carry out a chakra diagnosis to identify if any chakras are blocked and I then carry out a full body crystal healing. This is done fully clothed whilst you are lay down. I will lay crystals onto your body, re-tune your chakras and balance your energies within a relaxed environment.

£360 Book x 6 (save £90)
£75 Book x 1

Healing benefits

  • Deep relaxation
  • Soothes stress
  • Releases emotional blocks
  • Cleanses body's chakras to bring the mind and body back to a state of natural balance
  • Raises vibrational frequency
  • Calms and grounds
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Crystal Therapy

6 x sessions £360 (save £90)
(Payment upfront required)
1 x session £75

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