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Emotion Release

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Essential Oil Release

What is Essential Oil Emotion Release ?
A powerful technique for the instant release of a negative emotion using the power of plant medicine, visualisation and affirmations.

How will I benefit ?
All living things are energy and vibrate at a certain frequency. As human beings, our frequency changes. We can swing in and out of high frequency (high mood/positive emotions) and low frequency (low mood/negative emotions).

As all things are energy, we attract the same energetic match as the frequency we are vibrating at. This can explain why when we are in a good mood, we tend to attract positive people and experiences but when in a low mood we attract negative people and experiences.

Emotions are also energy, they are energy in motion. However, multiple experiences triggering the same emotion, can form into a belief and energy can become stuck in the body. Over time, if not released, trapped emotions can attract certain outcomes that we do not want or can manifest in the body in the form of disease.

Releasing trapped emotions and reprogramming self-limiting beliefs, so that trapped emotions don't reoccur, is something I delve into deeper in my Belief Coding® sessions. However, this essential oil Emotion Release technique is fantastic for the instant release of your chosen negative emotion and will shift you into a higher vibrational state and positive mindset straight away.

£55 Book x 1
£150 Book x 3 (save £15)

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Essential Oil Emotion Release

1 x session £55
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(Approx 40-45 minutes)

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