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Essential Oils and Hormones

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Hormone Balance
Research has shown that certain essential oils can mimic or oppose oestrogen and testosterone and therefore have the potential to balance hormones and relieve menopausal symptoms. Just some of the oils that can help support hormonal balance include Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Rose, Neroli, Lavender and Jasmine.

Essential oils can be diffused, inhaled from the palm of your hands or applied topically through massage. They are excellent for calming the mind and body, uplifting and energising, grounding, anchoring in positive affirmations and for creating new neuropathways in the brain.

I particularly love doTERRA's Adaptiv® Touch which is a roller ball blend of essential oils mixed with fractionated coconut or doTERRA's Adaptiv® essential oil in a bottle, for when I feel heightened levels of stress

I apply the Adaptiv® Touch roller ball to the palms of my hands and inhale it, I dab it on my pulse points and roll it on the soles of my feet and within minutes I can feel my body relax, my mind slow down and my muscles soften.

Having experienced first-hand the healing properties of essential oils, I love to use the power of plant magic within my massages to enhance relaxation, harmonise the mind and body and to restore balance.

I use a variety of oils but my favourite blend is a balancing blend of relaxing patchouli, uplifting geranium, nurturing rose and rejuvenating frankincense. If you would like to take some time out for self-care and to reset, you will love my Women's Balance Massage.

£360 x 6 (60 minute massages – save £90)
£75 x 1

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Women’s Balance Massage

6 x massages £360 (save £90)
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